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Group Lessons

Learning to play with a band or group takes practice. You need the ability to listen. You need to know how to interact and get in a rhythm with others. Group guitar lessons gives you this opportunity along with the ability to learn with others as you go along your guitar learning adventure. Group guitar lessons also allow you to stretch your comfort zone a little by playing in front of others, but this is done within a safe and nurturing environment. No matter what, we hope you make new guitar friends to play together outside of class!

How it all works

Group lessons are available for a variety of group sizes.  A small group is 3-4 students. A mid-size group is 4-8 students. A large group consists of 8 or more students.

Small group lessons will take place at my studio. If you have the interest to form a small group, I will be sure to arrange a time that is suitable for all parties involved.

For mid-size to large groups, I would suggest that the lesson take place at your local church or community center with a room to accommodate the number of people attending. This is something you will need to help coordinate, but we can discuss the details over the phone. 

Guitar Playing

Maybe if you have a group of family members or friends interested in taking guitar lessons together, then this is for you!

I had been playing guitar for about 12 years. I was self taught, and could make a decent racket. When my youngest daughter wanted to learn, I decided it would be something we could do together. Mack took both of us in, and what a learning experience! Mack showed both my daughter and I that it’s not just about picking up the guitar and playing, but the whole approach to the instrument. Mack is a true teacher and student of the guitar, and he himself continues to find new approaches in his playing and teaching! I can’t speak enough about how much I have learned from him, and continue to as our lessons come.

Mike Sheon

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