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Mr. Mack Guitar School

Our Passion is Guitar!

Our goal is to teach our students to the highest standards and have them learn how to express themselves through the beauty of the instrument.

The guitar is one of a few instruments that can be played a single or with multiple notes at a time. This is one of the reasons the guitar is such a popular instrument for all ages and preferences in music styles.

With the guitar, you can accompany yourself while singing. Try that with a trumpet. You may play rhythm or lead in a band. You can also master fingerpicking arrangements, which involves multiple strings being picked at the same time, bringing out the full beauty of sound.

Get the passion of a lifelong journey and learn to play.

amplifier and guitar
Playing Guitar
Man Playing Guitar

“The beauty of the guitar resides in its soft and persuasive voice, and its poetry cannot be equaled by any other instrument".  

- Andres Segova -

Meet Mr. Mack

Guitar Teacher

Man Playing Guitar

Classically Guitar Trained

Trained under the instruction of the late great Guitarist, Joe Fave, while attending Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Jazz guitar instruction and musical training completed at the accredited School of Music, Little Creek, NAB, Virginia, U.S. Army Element.

Received an Associate of Arts from the University of Phoenix.


Performance Experience

Served as an Army Bandsmen o2T Guitar Player in the United States Arm.

Performed in a variety of groups with different styles, sizes, & venues like concert bands, stage bands, rock/pop combos, Dixieland, and even Latin Combos.

Played in 20+ countries with over 1,500 performances in front of over more than 500,000 people.

Guitarist Performing



Been teaching guitar & beginning bass guitar for 40+ years.

Teaching locally in Central Texas for 20+ years.

Taught at Holze Music Store (closed) in Killeen for 9 years. Went on to teach at the University of Mary Harden Baylor Conservatory of Music for 3 years. Then opened home studio in Kempner, TX where he's been teaching ever since.

Fresh Living Room

Visiting Mr. Mack Guitar

The Studio

Mr. Mack Guitar Studios are located in Kempner, TX which is 5-10 minutes outside of Copperas Cove towards Lampasas.

If you are interested in visiting before committing to any lessons, we invite you to stop by through setting an appointment. We are happy to show you what Mr. Mack Guitar is all about. 

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